Friday, February 13, 2009

True Love = Pizza?

It is that time of year again where every type of business imaginable is trying to sell you something to show your significant other how much you LOVE them. I am always amazed by the commercials on the radio of what we absolutely need to give to those we love: jewelry, flowers, chocolate, lingerie, toys and the such to spark romance and the "love pizza." Yes that is right, to celebrate Valentines Day, this weekend only Papa Romano's has created a speciality love pizza. You can purchase a pizza in the shape of a heart for only $5.99. So, if you are having trouble finding that perfect gift for your special squeeze nothing says love like pizza!

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Detroit City Chick said...

I heard a story on WWJ reporting that more people are staying home in these tough economic times. They interviewed a manager at a Lover's Lane store. She indicated that business is booming. One of their most popular items costs $150.You get a "dancer's pole", a DVD to teach you how to use it, a boa, garter and play money in different denominations!