Wednesday, August 26, 2009

There is a chill in the air

By the chill in the air right now you would guess it to be late September or maybe even early October, but it is August. That is right it is the end of August, cloudy, rainy and 63 degrees. We have had a our fair share of cool weather this month. I can't say that I am sad about that.This typical fall weather always puts me at ease; helps me move a little slower and also helps me to regain focus. But even though I love sitting here on my couch with the cool air pouring through my house and the smell of chai simmering on my stove and being bundled up in sweat pants and wool socks, I can't help but feel a little cheated out of summer this year. The weather has been perfect by my standards (mostly in the mid-70s to mid-80s) my garden's full potential has been lost. It is in all of it's beauty and still offers our family so much, but I still can't help but to think that so many large and glorious heirloom tomatoes may never nourish my body and soul. And my new budding figs...oh how I have fussed over them this summer and hope to have the experience of picking and savoring a ripe fig from my very own tree. But there is a chill in the air and my body tells me to rest, to forget about tending to the garden's needs right now and instead tend to my own.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Calgone take me away!

This summer has been rough; I am not going to lie or even sugar coat things. The weather this summer has been anything but summer-like. Greg has been sick and is still dealing with infections and such. The kids have been at war with each other ALL summer, which has been comical at times, but mostly just a tad bit of hell. And I have been in a really pissy mood and weird funk all summer.

Lately, I have been trying to pull myself back to realms of normalcy and I have been trying to find the good in everything and everyone (including myself), which hasn't been easy. Do you ever have those days/weeks/months where nothing seems to come easily? Not joy, laughter, peace, love, or even anger...a time in which you feel like you are just suspended in time trying to get somewhere, trying to rip the callouses off your heart and remember what it is like to feel again; really FEEL. I have been trying to do this as of lately and by lately I mean these last few weeks or so and I am not sure how far I am getting in this process. I know this week I have had some wicked PMS and so I have regressed a bit! But honestly, I am trying and that is what counts right?

So in doing so I decided I would post some pictures of things that bring joy to my heart and puts a smile on my face. And then I am going to go take a lovely bubble bath in the dark. Good night.