Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thank you lovely ladies.....

I am grateful for all of the womyn in my life. I truly appreciate all that they have offered me; whether small or large, it all has made impressions on me and the world as I see it. I have realized in recent months that as you age and change, so do those relationships dearest to your heart. Some grow stronger, some take new shapes and forms and some slowly disintegrate to memories of the past. Change isn't always easy; especially when it affects matters of the heart. I have opened my heart to these changes and some have been very difficult to deal with and accept while others have offered a breath of fresh air. In this last year I have had some of the most beautiful womyn on this planet enter or re-enter my life and I feel very privileged. These womyn have taught me a lot about life and love as well as about differences and commonalities, forcing me to focus on being a better person every minute of every day.

Yesterday I had an opportunity to gather four of these womyn at my house for a couple of hours to enjoy good food and conversation free of stress and competition. There was something about yesterday that was able to restore a part of my spirit and my trust in other people; other womyn.
It was an interesting mix: the five of us womyn with our five children; a few whom never have met; a set of sisters, a set of cousins, two stay-home moms, three working moms, some tall womyn, some short womyn...basically it a house full of talking womyn.

From the moment of arrivals there were immediate bonds and it felt as though this was just one of many moments together. Maybe it will be the first of many... I don't know. I do know though that yesterday I opened my heart and home to four womyn who in just four short hours felt like family. And that is a wonderful feeling to have!

~Thank you my lovely ladies~

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Na said...

Just read this....man do I love you Lacey...thank you for being who you are and for all your loving support!