Friday, September 9, 2011

Where did the summer go?

I am not too sure how the summer just disappeared, but in our household it ended faster than we could have imagined or have been prepared for. I barely got a chance to write or even take photos and every time I thought about doing either I really didn't feel like it so, instead I was much more content curled up with a book or trying out my new canning books with tons of tasty treats, Here are a few pictures from the summer and I hope that as the new school year progresses I have a chance to use this blog to flush out my ideas and questions for the thesis that I have now officially began writing.

These were the only red beets that I have harvested due to the family of bunnies that has decided to live in my yard this year! Hopefully they will not bother my fall crop of beets, but I am not too hopeful about that.

These are the first few purple carrots that I picked to use in a new recipe for spicy pickled carrots. Yummy!!

The first round of fargo yellow tomatoes getting ready to be oven-dried and below what was left of the fargos after being dried (I found my son swiping them handfuls at a time). In my opinion these are the best tomatoes to dry in the oven. It brings out an amazing sweetness and flavor that they do not possess when eaten ripe off the vine. I have dried and frozen them the last few years to have for salads in the winter but unfortunately enough don't make it into the freezer because we can't help but to eat them as soon as they get out of the oven. They are THAT YUMMY!!

These are only a few of my chiogga beets that I sliced really thin and baked in the oven for beet chips. I forgot how ugly these beets get when they are baked, but they tasted amazing with a dip made from yogurt and horseradish.


Joan Lambert Bailey said...

Beautiful! How long do the tomatoes take to dry? I'm vacationing in England at the moment, and really enjoying a country that likes it's beets, too. I think I've eaten them every day so far.

Canning Tomatoes said...

Thanks Joan! I put the oven on 250 and it takes about 4-5 hours depending on how plump the tomatoes are. I am loving the beets that fall brings. I have been making beet chips a lot and also roasting them then topping with goat cheese and tons of fresh mint. mmmm....I am making myself very hungry right now! What is your favorite way to enjoy beets right now?