Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I have a confession to make. I hate the cold! I hate
living in MI at this time of year and I hate leaving a warm, cozy house to go outside into this awful, dreary, frigid weather. I am miserable these days and I have a severe case of cabin fever. I want to go outside. I want to go outside and see this beautiful garden. I do NOT want to go outside to see what actually is out there, 6 inches of snow and temperatures that are below zero.
I want to walk in the grass barefoot and bury my hands in the dirt and pick a cucumber or a tomato for a snack and run my hand through the lavender...mmm the smell of fresh lavender, rosemary, thyme, sage, lilacs, and nicotiana at night...I have cabin fever and this is NOT what I want to see right now every time I look out my kitchen window!

It happens every year right around this time. The time of year in Michigan where the temperatures hover around zero and the wind chills your bones. This year I have decided that I am not meant to deal with cold weather and that there has to be a place for my family that gives each of us what we need all year long, right? All we need is a decent income, low humidity, and mild temperatures(no crazy amounts of snow and definitely none of this 20 degrees or below crap) so that we won't have to deal with winter depression and so I can garden all year -is that too much to ask?

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