Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shit, I can't keep up!!

Okay so I am venting tonight as I sit here and look at just one of my "to do" lists and I am feeling completely overwhelemed. At this point all I can do is pour a glass of wine (which I did) and hope for the best for this semester and this year. I am loosing tracks of the days and my kids have to remind me and I feel like I am loosing a tad bit of my sanity. I am sure many know this feeling at some point in their lives, but mammas know it REAL well and mammas who are in school know EXACTLY where I am at right now. I need a day off just to regroup yet I feel guilty as hell if I take it because I can't afford to loose a day of work. I keep hearing from others, "Don't worry, it all gets done." Yeah, when? Not unless I plan to go without sleep at least one night a week. But I will make it through and I will look back at this moment and one day say, "Shit. How the hell did I do that?" Just as I did in undergraduate; just as I did when I had a toddler and an infant; just as I did last year, my first year of graduate school with two children. I will get through this semester. I will get through this year. I may be a walking zombie, but I WILL do it!

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