Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall is finally here...

and I couldn't be more ready for it. After a crazy, massive garden this year all I want to do is sit in my rocker with a cup of homemade chai and read. I finally have the time to set up this blog so I will try to keep it up as much as possible, but with having two little kids and life being...well... life, I can't promise too much.

So "Canning Tomatoes"... an interesting name for a blog. Yes, I do agree. Especially for a 31 year old feminist and mother of two. But canning tomatoes for me is more than just a process to preserve fresh, healthy food. "Canning Tomatoes" is a gateway to talk about so many things that are of great importance to me. The process itself embodies my philosophical, feminist and political ideologies. So while I will talk about canning tomatoes and such, I will also be discussing a lot about my life as a feminist, a stay-home mother, an urban gardener and budding agricultural activist in the city of Detroit, which all are deeply intertwined for me. And besides when my best girlfriend, Ashley, who lives in Vancouver, when asked, stumbles upon the same blog name that I didn't share with anyone, I felt that it was a sign. So thanks Ash, and much love!

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Aubergine Shoes said...

In those tiny hours of the morning when Bride inspires us all - I welcome the deep well of feminist thought, productive hands, and expanding hearts.

Thanks for your beautiful blog -