Friday, October 17, 2008

Food, Folks and Fun!

No I am not going to talk about a trip to McDonald's (this use to be their slogan back in the day), but I am going to share some of what is on my mind and in my heart about the relationships that I have been blessed with. Throughout my adult life some of the most amazing connections with the people that I love have been made in the kitchen cooking and eating wonderful homemade meals with good wine/drinks and amazing discussions that have brought me to much reflection in my own life.
I have an affinity for good food. But not just eating it; the whole process of food. The planting of the seeds, the process of caring for it, the harvest season and then the art of cooking a glorious meal that satisfies the belly and the soul.
And this summer has been full of beautiful harvests and making connections around the dinner table. I have been determined that even though the gardening season is coming to an end I will continue to make these connections with food and friends because it is these times that have touched me; opening me up to sharing a part of myself and then in return has left me with joy and contentment in my own life. It has reaffirmed in me the joy that comes with sharing your heart and as a parent it has become a priority of mine to show my children this joy through living the example. And what better of a way to do that than over a communal meal that is full of blessings and love by those who have prepared it.
As winter approaches I vow to continue having these moments of joy and laughter surrounded by the food that I love, but more importantly by the family and friends that I love. I am truly blessed to have many people around me to share this affinity with and it has been these relationships that have been teaching me so much about the things I love most: food, folks and fun!

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Rebecca Marie said...

I'm so happy to have shared in the joy of your harvest this summer. It is a pleasure to be a guest at your table!