Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Jitters

I am so nervous today. Today history will be made and I will be able to tell my children that I was there, I voted in that election. I have been up since 5 a.m. just anticipating tonight and the outcome of the election. I am feeling confident about Obama, but I know that feeling of disappointment all too well; the last two Presidential elections as well as the last two Detroit Mayoral elections. I am nervous because I know that these other elections had a negative effect on my love for political and social issues. They sent me spiraling down a path of complacency. A path that this one amazing politician, Barack Obama, has been able to pull me off of and out of my funk and restore my hope and excitement about such issues.

I know that Obama is not perfect, and I love that he recognizes that and admits that his presidency won't be either, but I truly believe that he has a beautiful energy and a gift to bring this country together and push for a change that this country needs on so many issues: health care, environment, the war and the economy are the top of so many lists. But I am also hoping as a feminist, womyn, mother, partner, environmentalist, urban dweller, gardener ( and the list goes on) that more than these four issues are addressed over the next few years. I am full of hope today! So today I will take my children, walk down to our community house and cast my vote in hopes for a real change in America.

It has been almost 12 hours since I started this entry and I keep coming back to it because I can't sit still. I have baked a loaf of country wheat bread, I have made 3 dozen of banana nut muffins with Marscopone frosting, I have made a batch of the Madras Curry Pumpkin Choc. Chip cookies that I have been dying to get the recipe exactly the way I want it, I have found 2 hours of clean-up to do in the yard, I have colored with my daughter, and I HAVE VOTED!!!

I am guessing this won't be the last of this entry....as the night goes on I will most likely find so much more to say!

12:25 a.m. -YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE IS HOPE!!!!


Bridget said...

Oh my god, Lacey! He did it...we did it!!! Amazing.

Theresa said...

So happy. It is a really amazing time and I, too, am going to be proud to say I voted in it. It's inspiring how much hope he has for this country, as well as how many supporters are also entering a new era full of hope. Our country is at such a low point, yet people are surprisingly optimistic--it's powerful.