Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lazy Sunday....

This has been the first Sunday in over a month that has actually felt like what I believe a Sunday should feel like:lazy! Even though I was up at 6 am, it still has been a laid back day with very little fighting among the kids and very little noise in our home. Greg made breakfast and cleaned the kitchen while I listened to Christmas music with the gurl (at her request) and colored. The boy has kept himself moving through the house finding numerous things to do and get into, but he has left his sister alone and that has made it a very pleasant morning.

It is snowing right now. The first real snow of the season; everything is coated in a fine layer of white and it looks beautiful. I want to take a picture to remember it because in another month we will have mounds of snow and roads full of grey slush that will make me (and everyone else in Michigan) despise leaving my house especially with two babies because it takes way too much effort and energy. But right now as we dressed up in our winter gear to go out and catch snowflakes on our tongues I basque in this moment of pleasure and excitement. it is well into the evening and I am still in my flannel pj's that are oh so comfy and I have not yet climbed in the shower because that takes just too much effort. I took a short nap on the couch before lunch and if I could have slept all day I would have. Since I am on my own tonight I made some pizza dough so that we have an easy dinner and the kids can help me pile it with topping-something the gurl always loves to do and what kid doesn't love pizza? Pizza, salad, and maybe some gelatto for dessert if we are not too cold.

Gregory is at the funeral home, his Situe passed away Friday morning and so he won't be home until late this evening since today many family members from out of state will be in to offer their condolences and respect. I am happy for Situe, because she lived a full life (96yr. old almost 97) and now she is no longer in pain, but with that being said, we will miss her dearly. It is sad to see so many others who are mourning. Especially her children because at the end of the day their mother will no longer be a physical presence in their lives. They are very blessed to have had her present for so many of their greatest moments in their lives.

I know that feeling of loss all too well. My father died when I was twelve. It was sudden and very tragic. His death has fills me with an overwhelming sadness at times that he was not present for my college graduation, marriage and the birth of my children, but I take comfort in knowing that his presence is with me and I honestly believe that. I talk to him when times are good and when times are bad. Even though he is not here to hold me, comfort me or give me advice I know that he is still with me. This summer confirmed that to me when I had a beautiful session with a medium who was able to offer me information that I had been wanting and needing to know for years. Today on this lazy day I think of him and know that his presence is here with me and my children as we go about our evening making pizza and listening to Christmas music. Now I must make a fire and read with the kids...which it is a perfect night for and then maybe a bath...a perfect way for ME to end my day!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day.Sorry to hear about your hubby's Sitsu. Sometimes it is almost a comfort though when they pass after so many years and after much pain We got our first, good snow here too over the weekend. Lovely!