Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The holiday season is here once again and I find myself reflecting on the blessing in my life. There are many reasons why I love this time of year, most having to do with the people around me who offer me a sense of community and place. I have so many people and things in my life that I am grateful for and that I have been blessed with. I have a beautiful family, a loving & supportive partner and I have beautiful community all around me...not just one community, but many communities. As Christmas approaches I feel the need to thank these people for all that they have brought into my life; I am a better person thanks to all of them.

Feminists: To all of the wonderful, strong feminists in my life that encourage, support, listen, and challenge me~ thank you. Thank you for accepting me as I am and for encouraging me to just be me on a daily basis. I am proud to be a womyn, I am proud to be a feminist and being a part of this community has helped me find my voice and for that I thank you.
To feminists (womyn & men) around the world thank you for fighting the fight; standing strong through opposition and oppression. For putting yourselves on the front line in so many different circumstances and not backing down, but standing up for all womyn and fighting for true equality, true freedom.
Mothers: To all of the amazing mothers my life has been blessed with that offer insightful advice, experience and support, as well as their ears & mouths for listening, bitching, laughing, crying and for just keeping it real~thank you. I feel so blessed have dear friends at every stage of motherhood who aren't afraid of sharing their own experiences (good & bad), which is not always the easiest thing to do.
Gardeners and Homesteaders: To the amazing organization Detroit Agricultural Network and all of the knowledgeable and helpful members thank you for offering a urban community that is committed to sustainability in Detroit (of all places) and the local food movement. My own gardening knowledge & experiences would not have been possible without your help and resources.
To all of the other people who have come into my life that are as passionate about local food, organic food, sustainable agriculture, urban agriculture and having accessibility to fresh produce thank you for offering me your experience and amazing knowledge not to mention some amazing fresh food once in awhile!
To all of you blogging homesteaders~PLEASE continue to document your wonderful endeavors, I LOVE reading and learning from all of you and already in these few short months of blogging I have gained so much knowledge and so many new ideas. THANK YOU for sharing on a daily basis.

Detroiters: Oh...where do I begin on this one?! Thank you ALL (if there are any of you reading this other than my sister-in-law) for keeping it real and being committed to this city and the people of Detroit. I have to admit it has not been an easy 6 1/2 years in the city, but at more times than not it has been worth it! We have been through a lot in these last few years with our former mayor ( I will leave out all of the curse words since there are too many to list), city council and the school board and well...just plain life in the "D" and to see so many people committed to sticking it out because they believe in the revitalization of this city like we do, it warms my heart. 3-1-3 BABY!!

Holistic Health, Breastfeeding & Natural Birth Advocates: For walking the walk and not just talking all of this talk (and there is a lot of it) thank you. I know first hand it is not always easy to try to follow this lifestyle that is still seen by majority of the population as something that is weird or a fad. It is not always easy to stand up for what you believe in, whatever that may be, and I thank you for all of your strength in this war against the big pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and established medical field, as well as the numerous individuals who try to stand in the way of practicing what you believe to be the best choices for your life and for the lives in your family. Please continue to educate about the benefits of these alternative choices and lifestyles.

Food & Cooking Enthusiasts: mmm.....for all of the food that you have made for me, helped me make or introduced me to, I say a full belly thank you. It has been so great to share this love for food with all of you. Not just the making of food, but the growing, the cultivating, the harvesting, the preserving and the creating of such beautiful food that nourishes our souls & bellies. Each collective cooking experience and meal that we share are some of my fondest memories and all of the recipes you share are like gold.

Yonis of the world: To this wonderful group of womyn who treasure the power of the feminine, thank you for always believing in each womyn and her powers and potential individually as well as the strength that we have as a collective group. Thank you for your daily rituals: manifesting, meditating, praying or whatever it may be that you continually do to uphold the sacred power of the feminine in yourself as well as ALL the womyn around you.

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Stephanie said...

This was for me your best written work. I could see any section being expanded upon, that is the sort of thing I would love to read. Way to keep it real in the 313. Born and raised there, so the heart always remains. I hope you fighters can save my city. Thanks for staying in the fox hole while some of us get a tan! Loved it.