Friday, December 5, 2008

It's a Gemini thing

I can't seem to stay on task these days and after pondering this all morning I have realized that this is a common occurrence in my life; I start one thing and then become bored easily and move on to the next before that task is completed. It is very common for me to have numerous projects going on simultaneously and I am always feeling pulled in numerous directions. On top of it, I have a very hard time just enjoying the moment I am in without thinking about some moment in the future. I am always struggling with this part of who I am because I don't allow myself to is like I am not capable of it.

I have never been one to follow Astrology that closely, but it has been of interest to me over the last year. Today I decided that maybe this is part of being a Gemini, which I have been told, but I have never taken too seriously. I decided to search around the internet about these crazy characteristics and see if it falls in line with my zodiac sign. I found this website that gave me a lot of insight so I thought I would post it for others who might be interested in getting a reading.

Check it out and see what you think...I was amazed and in awe of how right on it was for me. It gave me a little insight and peace about this part of who I am that I continue to question and struggle with. One more piece of the puzzle that I have found to guide me in being the best person I can be.

Now I must move on to the next project for today~Peace and Blessings


Joanna said...

I'm a Gemini too and can relate. They say you have to know you're Moon sign too to get a good reading - years ago, I found out mine is in Cancer.

Jordan Canon said...

I have heard all good things about that website. Look for the link that says Free Astrology Readings. Fill out the form and they send you a 30 plus page astrology report. It will tell you your moon sign, and much, more. It's free.

Gemini's frequently develop insecurities because they are different. No other sign of the zodiac has two personalities. The ability to think twice as fast, and from twice as many points of view, is a gift to utilize with confidence. Does one Gemini call other Gemini crazy? Probably not.

I am happy your goal is to be the best person you can be. That can take many years for some souls to figure out.