Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I LOVE holiday breaks!!!

I love celebrating holidays! I love that we have such a long holiday break this year and I love that I actually have some down time and I get to hang out with my family and do nothing if we choose to do so. I also love baking so I took a full day to make cookies with the kids and after about 18 dozen of cookies, I am done with even wanting to eat one, although the lemon ones in the picture are excellent and not too sweet.
Since Christmas we have being doing a lot of chilling out at home (in pajamas) and catching up with friends who we don't see often enough. We had one of our best friends from Vancouver stay with us for a couple of days, which was wonderful and we have had numerous evenings full of wine, food and great conversation with those we love the most. I also was able to host my first Feminist Potluck with a diverse group of feminists from all stages in their lives. I had a lot of fun catching up with the women from WIF and I can't wait to host my next potluck in February. We also have been catching up as a couple. It has been a lot fun reconnecting and actually spending time together when we have energy as oppose to the usual schedule. Did I mention we have actually been able to sleep in until 8 every morning?!

The holiday was fun, we hosted Christmas dinner for the Simon family for the first time and I think it was pretty successful. Since we are vegetarians we decided to just do a yummy spinach, walnut, Gruyere' lasagna and go with a lot of Italian sides and appetizers. We went to a wedding the day after Christmas that left me breathless; partially from laughing, partially from eating and drinking and the other part was from all of the beautiful Arabic dancing. Wow! If you have ever been to an Arabic wedding you know what I mean, if you have not, try to get invited to one! I have been to a few in the last nine years and I am always amazed and in awe of the dancing. At the reception the bride and groom were escorted in with a live Lebanese band and the dancing didn't stop for two hours. We finally ate dinner at a little after 9 p.m. and then continued on with dancing the night away. Congratulations my friends!!

Speaking of weddings...I am very happy to be celebrating my 6th wedding anniversary today! Not only are we celebrating the arrival of the new year, or our wedding, but also our first kiss. We kissed our first kiss as the ball dropped in 1999. I am so happy that Gregory kissed me that night because my life has been full of love, life, laughter and joy ever since. We have started a beautiful family and have a beautiful life. I truly feel blessed.

Before we leave in a few hours to celebrate this holiday/anniversary with our friends and family I wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone a peaceful closing of this year and a prosperous year for 2009.

For the final entry of this year I thought it would be appropriate to post the prayers of the faithful from our wedding. These prayers mean a lot to us and as I approach this new year I will meditate on these prayers once again as they are still relevant in my life. Peace be with the world, and peace be with you...Happy New Year!

Creator of All, we rejoice that You make Your presence known in the beauty of human love. Filled with this faith, we make our needs known to You.

For this couple-that they grow in love through the realities of their lives together, we pray to the Lord~

For the parents, relatives and friends of Gregory and Lacey- that they continue to support and encourage this couple with their love and good example, we pray to the Lord~

For the relatives and friends of Lacey and Gregory that have gone before us- that they rest in peace, we pray to the Lord~

For the community leaders-that they always serve in the best interest of the people they represent, we pray to the Lord~

For all those who fight for the social justice of themselves and others, we pray to the Lord~

For parents, teachers and clergy- that they pass on a message of compassion and tolerance for all people, we pray to the Lord~

For those struggling with poverty, hunger or sickness-may Your grace protect and guide them, we pray to the Lord~

For our leaders-may they choose peace over war, love over hate and equality over privilege, we pray to the Lord~

Be with us, Lord, as we strive to do your will. Be with us to give fervor to our aspirations, fortitude to our resolves, comfort in our failings, gentleness to our care for others, and constancy to our love. We make this prayer through Christ, our Lord~ Amen.

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Stephanie said...

I loved reading this. Feel good in the real way. Congratulations.