Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Menus

Monday: breakfast for dinner: poached eggs on a bed of sauteed spinach w/fresh feta, home-fried potatoes and smoothies

Tuesday: Carrot ginger soup and brown rice salad

Wednesday: Black Bean and Chocolate Chili w/all of the fixin's

Thursday: veggie burgers

Friday: Calzones and salad

Saturday: Loubieh

Sunday: Taco & fajita night at the request of the kids


Danielle said...

I love your menus. Do you have a favorite cookbook or website you use to get new ideas??

Canning Tomatoes said...

Thanks Danielle! Yes, I LOVE my cookbooks by the Moosewood Collective, it is a vegetarian restaurant that has at least 8 cookbooks, probably more at this point. I have 5 of them and love each one. The low-fat one is excellent. I also get a lot of my recipes from Food Network's website, I love watching the cooking channel!