Sunday, June 6, 2010

3-2-1 COUNTDOWN!!!

Yes, we are in countdown mode here in our house due to the fact that school is done on Tuesday, June 8, 2010. We are all counting down for different reasons of course. The gurl can't wait to be done and have everyday to do what she wants to since she is "the boss;" the boy can't wait to have his sister home to play with everyday (which I am sure will not last long); dad can't wait for his work load to lighten since he works in administration at a school and all of the students and most faculty will be out of the building making the days easier; and mom is counting down MANY things such as my last few days with just me and the boy, the end of my quiet mornings, and possible the end of my sanity! So while they nap and the house is so peaceful and quiet I am enjoying this delicious dessert and "my" time because I know that is just a couple of days the chaos of summer begins!

This is a rhubarb kuchen that I blogged awhile ago. I finally made it this weekend and it was amazing. I altered the recipe a little because I wanted the custard filling to be a little thicker and richer so I added some creme friache' to it and oh good heaven is this tasty! I have been eating it for dessert, breakfast or basically whenever I feel like it!

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