Sunday, September 26, 2010

Where is the time going?????

Seriously, I feel as though it was the first day of school for my kids last week and they have been in school for a month and I have been in school now for 3 weeks. Yes, I have made it through my first 3 weeks of graduate school! Not quite sure how, but I have made it. And I decided that today would be a day off, my first day of no homework in 3 weeks and ahhh....feels nice; even though I know I have to hit the books hardcore tomorrow!

So with my "day off" I have done some canning, sewing, cleaning and now blogging. I just added a canning list in the sidebar to help track how much I have canned this year. AND I have been thumbing through cookbooks, one of my favorite past times. I like to read them like novels and a friend let me borrow Seasonal Desserts by Deborah Madison and A Year in the Life of a Vegetarian by Jack Bishop and OH MY GOSH!!! I NEED these cookbooks....LOVE both of them and don't even know where to start since everything in them sounds divine.

Enough rambling on and on...just checking in and hopefully I will get a chance to post my pictures of the pumpkins and maybe even a photo of a meal from one of these cookbooks and maybe even the sewing projects I have been working on. Okay, enough rambling on, I KNOW, I KNOW!

*Is it obvious that I have had a lot of coffee today?


Wendy said...

You sounds like a busy busy lady!

Canning Tomatoes said...

Yes Wendy things are busy, but I like it that way...just wish I got a little more sleep these days ;) I just checked out your blog and love it!

Joan Lambert Bailey said...

I totally understand. It's good to take a day off, even though the time gets filled up with other things almost immediately. It's good to switch it up. I've heard good things, too, about both of those cookbooks. Jealous!