Friday, October 23, 2009

Shut Up and Sing

I have to admit I am not one for country music. I have listened to it in the past (forced mostly by my mom) and I did go through a short phase where I listened to it voluntarily, but it has been at least 15 years since I have sat down and listened to "country music." It is one of the two types of music that has never really done anything for me; the other being heavy metal. So when Natalie Maines, the front-womun for The Dixie Chicks, made a basic anti-war statement the night their 2003 tour opened in London, I had no idea what she said or the repercussions of her statements that these three womyn have dealt with almost continuously since that night. It wasn't until a good friend recently gave me a copy of their documentary, Shut Up and Sing, that I was aware of what was said, what has happened because of what was said, and how bad-ass these womyn truly are!

This documentary follows these womyn from the opening of their "Top of the World" tour (2003) through five years of backlashes, boycotts, death threats, pregnancies and the writing and production of a new album. It shows the strength and convictions and sisterhood that these womyn possess. It also shows how many people in this county say they believe in free speech and yet what they really mean is that they believe in free speech if what you are saying is something that they agree with and support. It baffles me that all of the controversy was over what Natalie Maines had said after singing their hit Traveling Soldier (in reference to the war) was: "And we're ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas."


THIS comment is un-American and un-patriotic?

Exercising their right to the 1st Amendment isn't American?

Why is it that Rush Limbaugh or other right-wing conservatives who spew messages of hate on a daily basis aren't held to the same standards?

When is the last time the radio stations which air these despicable people (such as Rush Limbaugh) have been boycotted?

And why is it that when a young womun stands up and exercises her right to the 1st Amendment she is a loud-mouth, pushy, liberal bitch that needs to be silenced?

Just some questions that have been going through my mind.

If you haven't seen this documentary I highly recommend it. And if you are anything like me, you will want to go out and buy all of their albums and 10 copies of this DVD to give to your friends and to show these fine ladies your support.

Here is a video of The Dixie Chicks singing their song, Not Ready to Make Nice, which I think is pretty kick-ass!

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