Monday, August 9, 2010

Sorry it has been awhile

I haven't been into posted much lately as you all can see it has been pretty boring and nothing really interesting in terms of food, feminism or my sewing & material addiction. We took a nice long holiday and went to Northern Michigan and then my sister was in from Wyoming so life has been busy. This last week however was a week full of tragic news and drama from every angle and so instead of being social in any way, shape or form I decided to bury my head in a book and a sewing project.

Today is the beginning of a new week and I am trying to be hopeful of what will unfold this week...although I am still not feeling too social and I have moved on to a new book and a new sewing project. Pictures to come soon!!


Keene said...

I hope this week is better, Lacy. What book are you reading?

Canning Tomatoes said...

Thanks Keene! I am sure the week will be much better :)